Wednesday, July 22, 2015

a meta-mystery game of a neo-noir movie making kind

© Joselito Briones
i've turned the g+ page of +House of Trixxx into a meta-mystery game.  because, why not?

big fan of sherlock?  fond of nancy drew-ing?  you think we're now over-saturated with mysteries and crime-dramas and you can predict every cliché and every ending of every whodunnit?

let's take it a step further.  predict the outcome of this story without seeing the actual movie.  why be Sherlock when you can be Doyle?  Why be Ms. Marple when you can be Ms. Christie?  ever written or thought of writing a crime-drama? predict how this story is structured and what's gonna happen.  every post is a clue.   no worries, even if the movie doesn't get made, the screenplay is already registered with the WGA, so the storyline you're solving for will be based on that.

post your predictions on the link above.  correct predictions wins a portion of the script as additional clue.  if you can piece together the whole plot, you'll win a copy of the entire screenplay.


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