Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the house of trixxx

my san francisco public library card
© Joselito Briones
i have been both very busy and very lazy at the same time. busy because i've been banging like a madman on my keyboard, working on a full-feature-length screenplay. very lazy because in doing research, i've been spending a lot of time on my ass watching movies, tv episodes, and documentaries on the subject of the screenplay via netflix. i've also been reading books and watching dvd's i borrowed from san francisco public library (photo above is my library card).

no, it's not a paid gig, i'm doing it on my own and for myself.  keeping myself occupied. 

the status:  i am temporarily calling it "the house of trixxx".  yes, it's about what it sounds like it's about.
it is now completely outlined and i've fleshed out almost half of it. 

the plan:  i'd probably want to do a an amateur no-budget movie out of this.  or more likely, a web series.  i'd probably post a kickstarter fundraiser for this project end of this year or early next. 

the why:  because!!!  and why am i telling you this?  because if i didn't, i'd be too chicken to make anything of this when i'm done writing it (or worse, i might not finish writing it).  so there.


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