Saturday, October 29, 2011

dim sum @ treasure lake seafood restaurant

Photo:  Joselito Briones

i think the restaurant itself occupies 3 floors, but the dimsum place is on the second floor.  anyway, this is the dim sum place in my neighborhood where you'll find me most sundays at about noon.   neighborhood is actually not the right word to use, as it is in the city center and there's nothing neighborhoody about it. anyway this is right around the block where i live.

if you're ever in the area and you go to this restaurant, you must try the yam cake in XO sauce, dumplings with sharksfin soup (for the price that they charge, i doubt if it's really shark's fin, but it's delicious anyway) and egg yolk custard bun. this is a very basic no-frills dim sum restaurant but the food is good and the staff is friendly.


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