Wednesday, October 19, 2011

didier restaurant and cassoulet

© Joselito Briones

the chef of a restaurant i've been to several times made cassoulet especially for me (it's not in the menu).  isn't that nice?  was sooooooo good.  butter beans, duck leg, sausage, and lamb shank in one pot.  supper yummy.

i had lunch there the other day because the weather in hong kong was so gorgeous and i just had to go to a restaurant with outdoor seating and this is very close to where i work and so i had provencal sausages and mash and chef didier came over and told me how he also makes cassoulet with all the goodies including the same sausage so i asked him when he's gonna make cassoulet and he said anytime so i said can he make it the following night and he said sure so i said great so i came back the following night and can you believe it he actually made it and he explained how complicated it is to make it and the diners on the next table were soooo jealous because as i said it wasn't in the menu and finally i ate it and it was EXCELLENT! ha ha!


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