Friday, August 26, 2011

meet charlie

in case you've been wondering who this "charlie" is who's been leaving comments here, well, here she is :)

hi joey,
hindi ko alam kung anong pic ang i-aattached ko kaya i2ng best pictures ko na lang:-? thinking.
thank you...pinky
So, this picture was taken last July 1 CANADA DAY...i live close to this beach in Lakeshore,Toronto.
It was already past 8:00pm but during peak summer here it is still sunny around 9:00pm.
We are waiting for the fireworks,very far from HongKong Fireworks. But because it is getting late we just went home because it is not worth the wait.
The funny thing is instead of having fresh air here in Toronto,the smell of marijuana is always in the air.The same thing during canada day,so we went home before we get addicted to it.



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