Saturday, August 20, 2011

everything in one page

gawd.  i've forgotten how difficult it is to make a résumé.  it's been a while since i made one, and the last one wasn't really good.  i've been staring at it for a few nights now, meaning to update it and redo the style to reflect the current conventions in the u.s. and, well, i just end up staring at it.  today i woke up early and i thought i'd sacrifice the sunny weather and stay in so i can finally work on it,  and i did.  by lunchtime tho i was already drawing blanks.

i had lunch close to where i work, and i remember i left my sunnies there so i dropped by to pick it up. but then when i got there i remembered i had quite a lot to do with a project (45 tai tam road - same client as 37 deep water bay road) from yesterday's meeting so i ended up working in the afternoon.  so basically i missed enjoying the good weather, i still haven't finished my résumé, and i worked in the office on a saturday afternoon.  what is wrong with me?


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