Monday, July 04, 2011

lamma island

am not sure anymore if i bought a new pair of beach shorts so i can have something new to wear when i go to the beach, or if i go just so i can justify buying a new pair of shorts. hmm. anyway. i did the buying and the beach going. this weekend's destination was lamma island in hong kong.  i took the ferry to yung shue wan (photo, above) which is a village full of seafood restaurants and stores selling beach items and knick knacks.

i already had breakfast (the flying pan, they made my breakfast right this time)  so i went directly to the beach (hung shing ye beach) which was small but nice and clean and with beach facilities.  the big let down was the view of the power station looming over the whole scene like in a sci-fi movie. by lunch time the place was getting crowded so i walked back to yung shue wan for seafood lunch.

after lunch i did the family trail (about an hour), scorching heat just after lunch time, so i decided to go through public showers (literally) when i passed by hung shing ye beach again and did the trail while dripping wet.  was very nice that way.

 walked all the way to the second beach, lo so shing beach. the lo so shing village was nice. i bought an ice-cold drink from an old man by the trail and sat there drinking under the shade of a big flowering tree. butterflies and gentle breeze and all.  another old man at the next house was slowly peeling sweet potatoes in his veranda.  i spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach, reading. the water wasn't as clean as on the other side.

i took the ferry back to central from so kwu wan (photo, above), another village full of seafood restaurants.


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