Monday, February 07, 2011

fratelli's fresh waitress

 © Joselito Briones

smiling me: "a table for one, please"
smiling waitress: "oh, sure, anywhere you like"
me: (scans the room for the best table and sits myself)
a different, unsmiling, waitress: "i'm sorry but i'll need to tidy up this table, can you please sit somewhere else?"
still smiling me: (having spent some precious holiday time choosing the table i was sitting in) "it's ok, i can wait"
still unsmiling waitress: "but it needs to be cleaned"
unsmiling me: "and you don't want to do it?"
unsmiling cranky waitress: "please move to another table"
hungry me: (spends another precious holiday time and chooses another table to move to)
eating me (after some time): (spies the earlier table, still untidied, being occupied by two women, no fuss)

verdict: AVOID. food was good but as it's really difficult to get bad food in sydney, service counts a lot.

fratelli fresh
sydney, australia


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