Thursday, December 16, 2010

sp2 christmas dinner

the occasion: office christmas dinner of sp2
the place: pierre II at the mandarin oriental
in attendance: mr. joseph fung and his guests: stover jenkins, paul lau, bing kwan, sk kan, nicholas wong, and anita mak; me of course, and the rest of the people who work at sp2: ligaya, david, maggie (with hubby saturday), eric (with wife sally), wing, raymond, carl, danielle, and karen.

stover, joe, nicholas

wing, karen, danielle, maggie, sat, david, eric, sally, ligaya, raymond
joe, paul, bing
tk, sk, stover, carl
anita, wing
karen, danielle
maggi, sat, david

eric, sally
ligaya, me, raymond, nicholas, joe
the usual suspects

 well i did say that i was gonna post more photos. so there ya go.


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