Sunday, November 14, 2010

full circle

 © Joselito Briones
i spotted this, my very first stock photo (bowls, on the right), used to cover up a shop for lease in staunton street, a few blocks from where i took the photo 6-7 years ago, with a pentax 67II.  made me smile.  

it also feels strange, because i don't really have any more drive to do stock photography.  it got me wondering if all the hard work i've put in it over the past 3 1/2 years will just be reduced to this - occasionally spotting them in use until they've all become obsolete and useless. sad. i still don't know what to do with all the stock photos that i've taken but never put up for sale.

anyway, i was walking around because i bought a new lens today and i wanted to try it out.  it's a canon EF 35mm f1.4L. nice. why i bought it, i don't know.  maybe i just want to go back to taking useless photos that are of interest to nobody but me.


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