Friday, February 16, 2007

Footballers and their WAGs

Cassie Sumner and a drag queen, Wags boutique, London - photo by Joselito Briones
© Joselito Briones

I woke up with so much pain on my left foot. At first I thought it was just because I walked too much yesterday. Then I started thinking. I had the same intense pain yesterday also, but not for long, when someone in Oxford street, always a crowded place, accidenttally walked onto the outer side of my left foot, exactly where it hurts now. I didn't think of it much yesterday as the pain went away after a few minutes, but today it hurts like hell. Lesson learned: in a city where most men's preoccupation is football and some of whose feet are trained to be strong enough as lethal weapon, DO NOT let anyone's foot anywhere near you.

Having said that, I'm on a holiday and I've got things to do, so walk I did. After several attempts, I found a way of limping that didn't cause too much pain, as long as I don't walk too long or too fast.

In the afternoon, as Wil suggested, I went to Carnaby street to see one of his favorite reality tv shows, "WAGs Boutique", being filmed. It's amazing how with one cameraman and an assistant, and plenty of people with enormous ego, a popular tv show can be made. They all looked like they're just playing a game. Maybe they are. That people are actually watching the show is an enormous credit to human fascination over celebrity, even non-celebrities trying to graduate to B-lister status, and their appendages, are actually watched. And no, I didn't know what a WAG was either, until today - Wives And Girlfriends of footies (football players).

Cassie Sumner, one of the wag contestants, is pictured above with what seems to be this week's task (selling something to drag queens?). It's debated whether or not she even belongs to the show, as Michael Essien of Chelsea, denies ever having her as his girlfriend.

Michaela Henderson-Thynne and three drag queens, wags boutique, londong - photo by joselito briones
© Joselito Briones

Pictured above is Michaela Henderson-Thynne, girlfriend of Stewart Downing of Middlesbrough F.C.. She's a law student, but Wil says she actually comes out as the ditziest among the wags.

carnaby street, London - photo by joselito briones
© Joselito Briones

It's a good thing I didn't stay long watching, else I'd have missed the magical early evening light in the city, the deep blue of the sky washing over the white trimmings of brick facades, perfectly framing the golden glow of interior lamps. When it got completely dark I went back to National Portrait Gallery and studied portraits of celebrities of the real kind - from royalties to fashion icons - resting assured that no one here will kick my foot.

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