Friday, June 15, 2012

beware of the company you keep

American Idiot at the Orpheum Theatre

the music (and the conductor doing his thing at the corner of the stage as part of the performance) - it got too loud at some point, but that only served to heighten the effect of the quieter numbers;  van hughes as johnny (he was understandably miffed when he saw that not everybody gave him standing ovation at the end of the show, he seemed to have given it his all); the staging 

the gratuitous wire number (i swear if i ever see another production number in any show with cast dangling on wires i'll heckle and boo the whole thing); the performance of the rest of the cast and company (st. jimmy choked a couple of times, whatshername was all athleticism and no grace, the guy who opened the show with the first few lines of the title song seemed to have been a cast-off from "the big gay musical", and the rest of the ensemble was bleh)

judging from the number of times the boy with the bieber-mop hair who sat next to me flipped his head, cued by punctuations from the show, it was a success with even the youngest members of the crowd.  That the parents accompanying him seemed to have given him the "i'll explain later" look whenever there was swearing and simulated sex in the performance (there was a lot of both) gave me the impression that it was more embarrassing than entertaining for them.


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