Monday, June 20, 2011

connetable tinned sardines in mustard sauce

connetable tinned sardines in mustard sauce - photo by Joselito Briones

i was intrigued when i saw this in the market. i mean, i've always seen tinned sardines in olive oil or tomato sauce but this is the first time i saw one in mustard sauce. the brand is connetable and the product itself is called "les fillet de sardines, moutarde a l'ancienne" and i really liked it. it's got a very rounded creamy taste, very nice mustard flavor but without the kick (and i actually like the kick so i put a bit more moutarde de meaux when i ate it). i ate half on a slice of whole wheat bread and the other half i tossed in with mesclun salad.

i'm always on the look out for good tinned/bottled food because it's always nice to have a fall-back food in your cupboard that you actually like.  Even if you don't eat it often, it's just waiting there and you know you'll enjoy it when you eat it eventually. kinda like the mini wini.


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