Sunday, February 27, 2011

fine dining by the quay

on top of marco's list of "splash out" restaurants - harvey and i went to one of sydney's finest dining places - "quay restaurant".  great-tasting innovative food (and so pretty!), great service, awesome view.  we had a 4-course meal. well worth the price tag :)

either harvey was already very drunk (they also had an excellent selection of wines) when these photos were taken or he really didn't want me in the pictures, but i guess it worked out for the best :)

Quay Restaurant
Upper Level Overseas Passengers Terminal Circular Quay West
Sydney 2000, Australia


Friday, February 25, 2011

i ♥ bondi

beach day. yay! sydney's pride - bondi beach. beautiful.

had to go there ahead because when i phoned harvey when we were supposed to meet up he told me he was still in bed and very much hung over.  i made the mistake of taking the slow way (bus, went through several residential districts, was good to see them tho) so i wasn't there long before he showed up. we had lunch at "north bondi italian food". good food, good ambience. and the staff - beautiful.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

fratelli paradiso

© Joselito Briones

lady (in blue and black dress, above) as she was approaching the restaurant, to a staff: "can we sit on that table?" - *lifts baby girl out of trolley*
friendly staff: "sure. let's just put this trolley here. a bit windy today. use it to stop the door from banging"
lady: "oh, here. use the girl instead"

as per marco's suggestion, i tried their calamari salad - was a little too salty and too much anchovy (i assume that's what's in it) on the sauce/dressing, but was just perfect with a basket of bread and 2 glasses of white wine (can't remember what it was, just remember that it was local, and good)

Fratelli Paradiso
12-16 Challis Avenue
Potts Point, Australia

(not to be confused with Fratelli Fresh)


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


just posting random stuff - queen victoria building in sdyney - high-end mall - very pretty inside.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

manly beach on a cloudy day

just in case you're wondering, the photos i've been posting are not current (taken a few weeks ago) and not in order. i just post them as i see them while organizing my files. this one's taken in manly beach in sydney.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

drinks by the opera

what's a trip to sydney without checking out the opera house, right? harvey and i went to opera bar for drinks (great view, very noisy tho) before going to longrain (super yummy food, but no pics, sorry. was too busy eating).  we were gonna go to quay restaurant but they were all fully booked already so we made a reservation for the next night instead. 

above is sydney's skyline as seen from the opera.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

bills famously fluffy eggs

rene and chris were so impressed that they bought a book about it, and marco swears it's the silkiest scrambled eggs he's ever put in his mouth, so naturally i had to try it. second day breakfast in sydney: bills in darlinghurst.

fluffy indeed. and yummy. unfortunately i wasn't able to take more than a few mouthfuls  - what they forget to warn you about it is its lactose content.  it must've been at least half cream as i was still burping lactose the next morning. 

433 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, Australia


Friday, February 11, 2011

little pockets of happiness

i was apologetic for having fallen asleep because well, in fact it wasn't my bed. it wasn't even my house. why are all these people here discussing business ideas while i was sleeping?  i got out as soon as i could, put my outdoor clothes on, and started running.  only my spirit was running faster than my body so i decided to walk instead.  after walking for some time i came into, with college students behind me (they don't look american, i must be in europe), an open but empty chapel, sun setting on the opposite direction of where i came from stuffing every corner of the wooden structure with golden light. someone behind me said that the rhythm of the interior is like that of a carpark, with communal tables instead of pews. any other day i would've reached for my camera and start clicking away. but not today. i climbed on top of a  table and jumped from one to another. a band started playing a song that could've been a keane song. we all sat down to listen. at the end of the song the lead said it was entitled "cathartic", and i smiled because i knew the song. then he did the tongue thing that the band "kiss" does. as an encore, he lifted his t-shirt and showed the very big tongue on his belly button do the same. he then went around with a very small pouch, collecting donations.  he said they're trying to save up for a trip to new york. i gave him all the coins i could fish from my pockets, some of which fell on the ground (the pouch got smaller) and i had to help him pick them up.  the student next to me didn't have any coins, when the singer stood in front of him with his money pouch open, the student lifted his hand and used his pointer finger to pet the singer's chin, just below his right jaw. i was thinking - i am so banking this in my little pockets of happiness.

this is what i get from taking cough medicine before going to bed.  even in my dreams the medicine-induced euphoria is pretty tame (and lame). 

photo above is of kleber from a shoot in beijing late last year


Thursday, February 10, 2011

sicky, sick me

my tear ducts got leak!  at first i thought it was just what i was watching. but then who cries watching "doctor who", right?  (i was watching the last christmas special. why does it take so long for the next season???).  i mean it's great and all and i enjoyed it, but something to make me cry?  i don't think so.  a little experiment then.  i played several other shows and movies and found out that even the silliest comedies made me cry too.  my eyes never had a good cleaning as yesterday and today.

how do i get all these time to waste on a silly experiment?  i had to call in sick yesterday. cold and flu symptoms. head, nose, throat, joints - name it, it hurts.  am still not feeling well so i'm staying in today as well.  all i want to do is stay in bed under the blankets.  i won't be surprised if it's also the cause of the easily-induced saline water inundation of my usually very dry eyes.  i sure do hope so.


Wednesday, February 09, 2011

g'day for a walkabout

am still sunburnt from this trip - mainly because i spent most of my time just walking around (the sun was almost always out) - and eating, basically following marco's restaurant recommendations. i didn't get to try the food from this (supposedly) historic pie stall. am just showing it here because it looks pretty.

harry's cafe de wheels
sydney, australia


Monday, February 07, 2011

fratelli's fresh waitress

 © Joselito Briones

smiling me: "a table for one, please"
smiling waitress: "oh, sure, anywhere you like"
me: (scans the room for the best table and sits myself)
a different, unsmiling, waitress: "i'm sorry but i'll need to tidy up this table, can you please sit somewhere else?"
still smiling me: (having spent some precious holiday time choosing the table i was sitting in) "it's ok, i can wait"
still unsmiling waitress: "but it needs to be cleaned"
unsmiling me: "and you don't want to do it?"
unsmiling cranky waitress: "please move to another table"
hungry me: (spends another precious holiday time and chooses another table to move to)
eating me (after some time): (spies the earlier table, still untidied, being occupied by two women, no fuss)

verdict: AVOID. food was good but as it's really difficult to get bad food in sydney, service counts a lot.

fratelli fresh
sydney, australia


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